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Top 7 pizza toppings you absolutely need to try!

Craving a slice of the action? Dive into the ultimate ranking of pizza toppings! Who will take the crown: Pepperoni? Mushrooms? The suspense is delicious.

The battle over the best pizza toppings is one that has been fiercely fought for decades. Some swear by the classic pepperoni, while others champion the unorthodox pineapple.

But, let’s not forget those who stand by the simplicity of a Margherita. No matter where your loyalties lie, there’s no denying that the right toppings can make or break a pizza.

And, so, to settle the debate once and for all, we’re ranking the best pizza toppings.

1. Pepperoni

The king of pizza toppings, pepperoni reigns supreme. Its spicy, slightly smoky flavor pairs perfectly with a rich tomato sauce and a mozzarella cheese. Plus, who can resist the way it crisps up in the oven?

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2. Mushrooms

Some people may find them controversial, but there’s no denying the appeal of mushrooms on a pizza. Their earthy flavor and meaty texture make them a favorite among vegetarians and carnivores alike.

3. Sausage

Coming in third is sausage. Its robust flavor and satisfyingly crunchy texture make it a must-have topping for many pizza lovers. Plus, it pairs well with just about any other topping.

4. Onions

Onions add a sweet and slightly sharp flavor to pizzas that’s hard to resist. Whether they’re raw or caramelized, they’re a surefire way to amp up the flavor of your pie.

5. Green Peppers

Green peppers offer a fresh, slightly bitter contrast to the richness of the cheese and sauce. They’re a staple on many classic pizza combinations, and for good reason.

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6. Olives

Whether you prefer them black or green, olives bring a salty, briny punch to any pizza. They’re a divisive topping, but for those who love them, a pizza just isn’t complete without them.

7. Pineapple

Last but not least, we have the contentious pineapple. Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that its sweet, juicy flavor can provide a pleasant contrast to the other, more savory toppings.


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Pizza is a personal thing, and everyone has their own favorite toppings.

But, whether you’re a die-hard pepperoni fan or a staunch supporter of pineapple, we can all agree on one thing: pizza is delicious no matter what you put on it.

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