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The unforeseen consequences of the Barbie movie: Pink paint shortage, relationship troubles and more!

Discover the unexpected consequences of the Barbie movie: from a shortage of pink paint to break-ups and mind-boggling offers on Airbnb.

After a massive promotional campaign, the highly anticipated Barbie movie has finally hit theaters, drowning us in a cotton candy pink world for the past few months.

As expected, the film is enjoying staggering success, but it has also led to some unexpected consequences in our daily lives. From questioning relationships to creating a shortage in pink paint, this film has certainly made an impact.

Testing your partner’s geminism after watching the movie

Many women are reevaluating their relationships after watching the Barbie movie. Some are even testing their partner’s feminism by gauging their perception of the film’s feminist discourse.

This new practice seems to be pushing some women to break up with their partners if they feel that their significant other doesn’t share the same feminist views as portrayed in the movie.

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Taking the “Barbie test”

  • Discuss the film’s portrayal of female empowerment and gender equality
  • Ask your partner about their thoughts on the movie’s themes and messages
  • Determine if their opinions align with your own values and beliefs

While it may seem like an extreme approach to some, taking the “Barbie test” can reveal important insights into a relationship’s compatibility and shared values.

Barbiecore and the pink paint shortage

Barbie is more than just a toy or a product; it’s a lifestyle known as barbiecore, where the color pink reigns supreme in all its shades.

The Pantone 219 C shade of pink is particularly popular, often accompanied by trendy neon colors, glitter, and shiny accessories.

This aesthetic is prominently featured in the movie’s set design, with director Greta Gerwig telling Architectural Digest that she wanted the pink colors to be “very bright” and everything to be “almost too much.”

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The film’s dedication to the barbiecore aesthetic has reportedly led to an unprecedented demand for pink paint, specifically Pantone 219 C.

This sudden surge in popularity has caused a worldwide shortage of the popular shade.

Alternative ways to embrace barbiecore

  • Experiment with different shades of pink in your home decor
  • Add pops of neon and glittery accents to your wardrobe
  • Incorporate shiny accessories and statement pieces into your personal style

If you’re struggling to find the perfect shade of pink paint due to the shortage, there are still plenty of ways to embrace the barbiecore lifestyle without relying on Pantone 219 C.

Sleeping in Barbie’s dreamHouse

Fans of Barbie can now experience the ultimate sleepover by spending a night in the iconic doll’s DreamHouse. The famous residence is available for rent on Airbnb, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the world of Barbie like never before.

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The Barbie movie’s ambitious vision is drawing even more attention to the brand and its various offerings, including the opportunity to stay in the DreamHouse.

The film, directed by Greta Gerwig and starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, is one of the most anticipated releases of 2023, hitting theaters on July 19th.

The Barbie movie has undoubtedly made a significant cultural impact since its release, sparking conversations about feminism, relationships, and lifestyle choices.

While the pink paint shortage may be an unforeseen consequence of its success, it highlights the powerful influence that popular culture can have on our everyday lives.

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