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From toy shelves to the silver screen: 3 amazing facts to know about Barbie Movie!

Step into the glitzy world of Hollywood as we unravel five surprising secrets behind the much-anticipated ‘Barbie’ movie starring the charismatic Margot Robbie and heartthrob Ryan Gosling.

Just when you thought the world of cinema couldn’t get any more exciting, Hollywood reminds us that we’re living in a time when even our childhood memories can come alive on screen.

The iconic Barbie doll, a fashion figure that has been at the forefront of many a girl’s dream, is now stepping out of the pink Dreamhouse and into the real world.

With Australian actress Margot Robbie and Canadian actor Ryan Gosling leading the cast, this film is set to be a cinematic spectacle that’s as vibrant, inspirational, and diverse as the Barbie world itself.


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The casting coup

When it comes to the casting, it’s hard to think of anyone who could better portray Barbie than Margot Robbie. The Oscar-nominated actress is known for her versatility and her ability to embody a wide range of characters.

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On the other hand, Ryan Gosling, known for his smoldering looks and acting prowess, will play Ken. This casting coup certainly adds an A-list appeal to the film.

But few people know that Margot Robbie was not the original choice to play the famous doll. Amy Schumer, then Anne Hattaway, were first approached. But honestly, who else but Margot Robbie could so perfectly embody Barbie?

Pink is the new black!

The feature film required a huge amount of pink paint to create an artificial backdrop through the use of this intense pink hue.

Lauren Proud, vice-president of international marketing at Rosco, the leading paint retailer in the USA, told the Los Angeles Times that their entire stock of pink paint was raided for the film, creating a nationwide shortage of the color!

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Staggering figures

On August 14, Warner Bros announced that “Barbie” had finished its third consecutive week at the top of the North American box-office with $502.6 million.

It’s a colossal sum, and one that’s only going to get bigger, given the film’s international success!

So, are you ready to step into Barbie’s world? Don’t forget to share your excitement for the Barbie movie on your social media platforms.

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