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Difference game: Put your eyes to the test and find 3 differences in 25 seconds max!

Unleash your inner detective! Dive into a world of details, challenge your observation skills and find the hidden differences. It’s addictive, fun and a brain-teasing adventure!

If you love puzzles and have a keen eye for detail, you may want to try our latest game. This game is designed to test your observation skills, and we call it the Pyramid Challenge.

The challenge

The Pyramid Challenge revolves around two images depicting pyramids. At first glance, these two images may appear identical.

However, they are not. The challenge is to find the three differences between the two images – all within 25 seconds!

How to play

The game is straightforward. You’ll be presented with two almost identical images of pyramids.

Your task is to spot the three differences between these two images as quickly as you can, ideally within the 25-second limit. 

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Tips for success

Be sure to take in the whole image first before focusing on the details. Look for noticeable color differences, changes in shape or size, or missing elements.

Remember, speed is essential, but accuracy is key!

The solution

Once you’ve given the game your best shot, you can check your answers. We post an image with the differences circled at the end of the article.

But remember, no peeking until you’ve tried to find all three differences yourself!

Did you enjoy the Pyramid Challenge? If so, don’t keep it to yourself! Be sure to share this game on your social media platforms and challenge your friends.

Let’s see who has the sharpest observation skills!

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Explore more games

If you enjoyed the Pyramid Challenge, you’re in for a treat. We publish a range of other games that you might enjoy.

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From ‘spot the odd one’, ‘find the hidden object’, to other difference games, we have something for everyone. So why wait?

Start exploring our other games and keep testing your observation skills. Remember, games like these are not just fun, they’re also a great way to train your brain and improve your observation skills. So, stay sharp and keep playing!

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